Leeorah Hursky was born in South Africa in 1955, and led a conventional life until her healing abilties opened up.

In 1988 she began an intense training with the Hawaiian Kahuna’s (Hawaiian shamans) as well as being educated in the western tradition. This training was over a number of years and very intense. This was the forerunner to bringing through the information of aka lani.This system first evolved through Leeorah  in 1994. Over a period of three years the symbols and uses were received. These vibrations have an ability to go deep within the cellular system and shift old blockages.

Leeorah’s training has stood her in good stead for the expansion of her work now to undertake theatre as a healing modality.Her ability is to ‘see’ the hidden patterns and agendas in the body and to welcome changes.

She is an author, an artist and a healer. She spends time between Australia and South Africa, as well as Europe.

Leeorah is the proud mum of two daughters.
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