Leeorah Hursky



Leeorah Hursky  has  spent the last 5 years in South Africa  where she pursued her dreams in the arts ,writing and acting.

This performance piece has been shown in Cape Town, Byron Bay and London.

This is a spicy tale of an untamed woman covering her adventures around the world including meeting with shamans,  gurus in India  and dancing in Cuba. The tale is an inspiration for anyone who believes they are too fat, thin, ugly or old to live their dream. This show is an adult only show as the occasional explicative might happen.





Leeorah  is an international healer, artist, author and actress.

Her training included intensive training  with Hawaiian Kahunas.

Leeorah spent many years working as an invited healer throughout Europe.

Her  book Emotional Fat has touched people deeply.This book touches the very real problem of obesity, anorexia and bulimia. The journey of the book allows one to also focus in on other addictions as the source of addictive behaviour  which stems from past disturbances.

Her previous book Naked Soul is a spicy spiritual adventure which takes the reader through many lands and adventures . It includes the ‘Blow Job of the Soul’ and “Meeting Gurus.’